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Bullying ‘bible thumpers’, O’Reilly rejects God-endowed rights

For people who pretend that Fox News isn’t part of the elitist faction media’s network of deception, Bill O’Reilly’s deceitful characterization of those he called “bible thumpers” on the issue of homosexual marriage ought to be a moment of truth. O’Reilly claimed that “opponents of same-sex marriage have been unable to do anything but “thump the Bible” in their arguments. O’Reilly went on to assert that “The compelling argument is on the side of homosexuals…We’re Americans, we just want to be treated like everybody else. That’s a compelling argument.”

The notion that people in society are like the identical cells of some physical mass, where each one should simply be treated like the others, is the idea of egalitarianism socialists aim to impose, by force if necessary. In this respect, O’Reilly’s use of the word ‘compelling’ is the only aspect of his little diatribe that has the ring of truth. O’Reilly’s reference to compulsion tacitly acknowledges the real agenda behind the push for homosexual marriage, which is to abuse the language of rights in order to give specious legitimacy to the use of legal and physical force in compelling Americans to accept life in a government dictated society. Because rationally persuasive arguments for socialism are lacking, in the end people must always be compelled to accept it.

O’Reilly’s statement about Americans is simply not true. We are not now and have never been people who “want to be treated like everybody else.” We want to be treated justly, i.e., in a way that gives due regard to the nature of our actions and the content of our character. People who work hard and sacrifice in order to care for themselves and their families do not want to be treated like people who don’t. Americans don’t want people who lie, cheat, steal and kill in order to live as they please to be treated like people who show due regard for moral boundaries that respect the lives and property of others. Americans willing, in accordance with their God endowed nature, to limit their own convenience and pleasure in order to assume responsibility for the perpetuation of the human race; do not want to be treated like people who define their lives in terms of this or that way of sexually pleasuring themselves.

O’Reilly forgets the idea of equality that has defined the American identity since the nation began. That idea affirms that all people are equal in their possession of God-endowed rights. It does not say that all must be treated equally regardless of right. If O’Reilly dismisses this reference to God-endowed rights as “bible thumping” (which he clearly intends as a pejorative); if he asserts that it is not relevant to the discussion of public policy in the United States; he is either maliciously lying, or else he rejects the understanding of rights articulated in the American Declaration of Independence. That understanding rationally compelled the founders of the United States to break away from the British monarch. That understanding morally compelled Lincoln and the other defenders of these United States to oppose the States that sought, by force of arms, to dissolve the Union formed when the Declaration was made.

Throughout my political life I have taken the self-evident truths affirmed in the Declaration; and the understanding of rights, justice and lawful government deduced from them; as the basis for all the arguments I put forward with respect to homosexual marriage, abortion and other issues of moral principle we are called upon to decide as Americans. Contrary to O’Reilly’s deceitful insinuations, those arguments can be very persuasive to all who take the principles of the Declaration as the starting point for their deliberations. Lurking behind O’Reilly’s contemptuous dismissal of “bible thumpers” is the simple fact that he, and all the so-called conservatives who are willing to “evolve” as he says he has, are joining the Democrats as they replace the Declaration’s affirmation of God-endowed equal rights with the ideology of government mandated, socialist egalitarianism.

The abolition of slavery; the extension of voting rights to women; and the success of the movement that removed the sanction of law from racial segregation and discrimination; were all of them brought about by people who, with good faith and courage, relied on America’s allegiance to the Declaration. Weighed in the balance of its self-evident truths, Americans were not found wanting. But today, public figures like O’Reilly represent the agenda of an elitist cabal that has rejected the Declaration. They reject it because they reject its reliance upon the authority of God the Creator, whose determinations inform and substantiate the laws which govern nature, and which ought to govern human choice, in accordance with our nature.

To discourage and intimidate others, our supposedly educated elites claim that their rejection of God’s authority is somehow a requirement of scientific rationality. Yet they know full well that the logic and methodology of the sciences in no way sanctions or requires atheism. In fact, some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs were predicated on the assumption that the universe operates in accordance with consciously intelligent provisions. That assumption validates the search for causes commensurate with each and every observable effect, including of course the patterns of their interaction.

O’Reilly proclaims falsehoods that he could not competently defend, against me or anyone else who has devoted a little effort to articulating the political views of Americans still loyal to the Declaration’s rationally God-acknowledging creed. As his reference to compulsion implies, O’Reilly’s characterization of those who defend the natural rights of the family is an instance of cheap verbal bullying. He’s confident that he will get away with it because he is protected by elitist faction media practices that purposely repress the existence and views of people who can easily refute his lies.

I would gladly debate O’Reilly, and however many experts he needs to supply the defects of his own knowledge and understanding. I would happily do so in any neutral venue where a fair and unbiased exchange could take place. But he will never accept a fair challenge. Even if everyone who wanted to see such a debate twittered, texted and emailed their interest, O’Reilly’s elitist faction masters would nonetheless never allow him to participate. In this final stage of their determined effort to subvert the God-endowed moral basis of American liberty, they prefer to rely on intellectual intimidation and coercion by forces they dominate: the bullying elitist media they control; unreasoning and lawless courts saturated by a legal guild whose members have built livelihood and reputation off the rewards of elitist corporate largesse; and finally the coercive force of a national government administration presently controlled by a hard-left socialist clique which the elitist faction shouldered to power to implement the destruction of America’s constitutional self-government.

They are pushing to eviscerate the God-endowed natural rights of the family. They are pushing to replace the family system based upon those antecedent rights with a social system whose existence and prerogatives are entirely fabricated (and may therefore be entirely supplanted) by government fiat and dictation. But as they overturn the God-endowed rights of the family, they overturn and discredit the God-acknowledging understanding that is the rational basis for each and every American’s claim to any unalienable rights at all. The Declaration assures such rights equally to the powerful, and to people without status, wealth or any other kind of superior power. But that assurance has been effective precisely because of people whose faith leads them to understand that the greatest power of all is available to those who trust in the providence of the Creator, God. This is the faith O’Reilly disparages. These are the faithful people his lame attempt at ridicule is meant to banish from America’s political life. Despite the ‘Bully Bill’ O’Reillys of this world, their faith may even now lead them to stand strong upon America’s Declaration creed; to STAND STRONG AND NEVER YIELD!

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