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Election 2014- NRA’s LaPierre “just misses” the bull’s eye

The head line reads: NRA’s Wayne LaPierre: Gun rights at stake in Nov. Elections. In the article Obama the NRA head decries Obama’s determined assault on the Second Amendment.  He is quoted saying “If Obama strengthens his hand in November by SmallLogoLTLwinning just a handful of key U.S. Senate and House races, he’ll have more power, more leverage, more allies, and more opportunity to dismantle the Second Amendment than any president in American history.”

Mr. LaPierre is right about Obama’s determination to disarm Americans.  But if we could assume that the GOP leadership in Congress will stay true to the Party’s supposed commitment to the 2nd Amendment, what danger would there be that legislation will be passed that promotes the gun-grabbing agenda?  No bill can be signed into law unless and until it has been passed by both houses of Congress.  Nothing I’ve seen or heard suggests that the GOP is in danger of losing its majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

LaPierre’s allusion to Obama’s relative power suggests that his real fear has to do with the unreliability of the GOP leadership in Congress.  But if that is the real cause for concern, how does his anti-Obama preoccupation address that concern?  Will a 2014 election result that strengthens the GOP’s quisling leadership  in the Congress assuredly prevent passage of any anti-2nd Amendment bills?

The Boehner/McConnell quislings are pathetically anxious to pursue collaboration with Obama on debt and spending; amnesty for illegal immigrants; rescuing the big-business backed government takeover of employee health care coverage and its costs; and consolidating the national government’s control of citizen indoctrination and work-force training in education (Common Core).  How can anyone, including Mr. LaPierre, be confident that 2nd Amendment rights won’t end up on the cutting room floor (to use the old film editor’s phrase)?  Has the GOP leadership gulled him with some promise that his special interest won’t be assaulted if he stays out of the war the GOP elitist faction leadership is waging against grassroots citizens and groups guarding America’s liberty on other fronts?

At best this gives Mr. LaPierre the cold comfort of knowing that the right he defends will be the last to be devoured.  But this shortsighted bargain gravely mistakes the strategic importance of the 2nd Amendment.  The enemies of liberty know that without the general disarmament of the American people, the cost and consequences of overthrowing their sovereignty could be prohibitive.  The elitist faction’s hubris is such that some of them may accept with equanimity the prospect of building their regressive order on America’s smoking ruins. But that prospect is a far less certain way to victory than bloodless deceit and cunning manipulation.

So 2nd Amendment right won’t be devoured last.  Overturning it is in fact among the first priorities of the elitist faction enemies of liberty. This is why Obama is already abusing his command of the U.S. government’s executive power in order to proceed with gun confiscation, via Executive orders that have no basis in the Constitution or laws of the United States.  Given his disdain for Constitutional niceties, Obama might even take unratified international agreements as a legalistic pretext for his tyrannical actions.

I first broached the fact of Obama’s contempt for the nation’s Constitution and laws when it appeared, in seed, at the very start of his occupation of the White House.  Thanks to the treacherous collaboration (or supine acquiescence) of his putative opponents at the helm of the GOP, Obama has flaunted it with increasing boldness since 2012. So a shortsighted “every man for himself” approach to defending the 2nd Amendment may postpone the day of reckoning when it comes to gun grabbing legislation. But it does not thwart, or even given begin to address the gun-grabbing consequences of Obama’s penchant for lawless dictatorship. Refusing to pass bills, or taking Obama to Court, pose no real obstacle to such abuses.  Courts that the Constitution leaves bereft of executive forces also have no effective power against them.

Meanwhile, hapless individual citizens are left to face the force of lawlessness on their own. As individuals they may stand bravely upon their God-endowed unalienable right, protected in plain and explicit language, by the U.S. Constitution. But at the moment they do so without the prophylactic effect of a visible, large and unified expression of public opinion in their favor.  Favorable Court decisions may influence opinion a little, but in a dispute with an elected Chief Executive, the Constitution leaves the courts bereft of the means to mobilize public opinion on any large scale (especially since the Federal Judiciary will likely remain, for a while, divided against itself.)

The Constitution puts the onus of stopping ongoing abuses of Executive power squarely on the shoulders of the representatives of the people in Congress.  The House of Representatives has the power to indict (impeach) a lawless Chief Executive. Representatives can then use the bill of particulars contained in that indictment to inform and mobilize citizens willing to stand in defense of God-endowed right. In just this way, America’s founders used the indictment of King George set forth in the Declaration of Independence, to mobilize patriots against the British government’s violation of their right of self-government.

One benefit of the Constitution those patriots eventually produced is that we don’t have to go to war. The 2014 midterm elections offer the ideal opportunity to translate such a mobilization of opinion into an electoral result.  A strong showing for impeachment would increase pressure for removing the Obama and his cronies from office, when the actual impeachment/removal process formally got under way in the new year, in a new Congress reformed for that purpose by the election’s results. 

Mr. LaPierre speaks of the critical importance of the 2014 election, but his tacit “every right for itself” approach does nothing to make sure that the outcome of the election defeats the elitist faction’s divisive deceive and conquer strategy for defeating the defenders of right, himself included.  But by God’s Providence, the focal point and general executor of the elitist faction’s strategy has overplayed his hand. The general threat he poses to all our rights, including liberty itself, has become clear to a substantial segment of the body politic, including even some of his supporters.

“Impeach Obama” is thus the cry that rallies Americans on every front to assemble and show the strength of their will to do political battle, one and all, against the general threat to rightful liberty Obama represents.  2nd Amendment rights are not the only ones against which Obama’s tyrant mold is set.  Indeed, the elitist faction’s adamant assault on the rights of the God-endowed family is aimed at subverting the very idea of unalienable right. Once that idea is suppressed, there will be no peaceful hope for right and justice on any front, against the superior forces those in government lawlessly command.

Renewing the majority of the GOP’s current quisling leadership in U.S. House, or even extending it by some slim majority to their quisling counterparts in the U.S. Senate, does nothing to make head against the lawless anti-Constitutional offensive that is already under way.  To reform the U.S. government, we must first reform the Congress, on the basis of a mandate that explicitly and firmly demands that Obama be called to account for his high crimes and misdemeanors.

Without sacrificing one iota of his vital focus on defending 2nd Amendment right, Mr. LaPierre can join in the general strategy that aims to unite us in defense against the general threat. And as he does so he will be dealing with the fact that lawless dictatorship has the very front where he is charged with vital leadership responsibilities, 2nd Amendment rights, in the cross hairs as a first priority target.  In respect of them, tyranny is already claiming to be the master of our house.

I call on Mr. LaPierre, and on all the leaders on every front in the battle for America’s liberty to join in the simple, straightforward show of strength that will make the 2014 election into a vote of no confidence in the present administration of the U.S. government.  I call on them, as they continue their vital fight for right in the area of concern allotted to them, to go to the Pledge to impeach site; sign the pledge; and encourage all their members and adherents to act as they do.  If you have signed the pledge, and you are a member of the NRA, or any other organization working in defense of right, contact the organization’s leaders to add your voice this call for strategic unity.

If we fight “every man for himself” we will lose, one at a time, all that we hold dear.  If we come together on the common ground of our defense of right and rightful liberty, then we will all of us add the effect of our particular fight to the strength of the whole cause for which we fight. And in the victory of that cause, we will not only regain and hold our own, we will restore the blessings all are bound to share with generations yet to come.

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