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Restoring the Republic?

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
– John Adams

I believe that this was a true assessment.  If you think about it, in a true republic/ democracy, the people decide – directly or indirectly – who will be inserted into political authority over them.  If the people themselves value things/ ideals adverse to the Christian morals & religious principles upon which this country was originally founded, then they will vote for themselves (or tolerate over themselves) leaders who are immoral & anti-Christian.  Makes sense.  And we have seen that this has historically also led America to receiving many leaders who believe it’s okay to lie, cheat, steal, and kill for a various number of reasons.  It has even led to the insertion of an overburden of unelected governmental authorities, many of whom share those same moral attributes.  This applies to most of the various “flavors” of political affiliation that have taken a significant role in our political scene in recent years.

I also believe that God created mankind to corporately gravitate towards one form of governmental authority or another.  (Like the Dylan song said, “You gonna have to serve somebody.”)  Mankind cannot repeal/ change their nature in that regard.  History bears that out.  When someone has adequate maturity & moral character to be entrusted with additional liberty, it is safe to give it to them.  When they are immature, or mature yet immoral & ungovernably selfish, the more liberty you give them, the more they are likely to harm themselves & others.  (Think of entrusting a gun or car keys into the hands of a child, or to a rebellious teen who deals drugs & runs with a gang).  The American people were originally entrusted with the grace of a greater liberty than had been afforded most other peoples in history.  This was given in the form of our Constitutional government.  Yet given our corporate drift into immorality & anti-Christ sentiments, that Constitution is no longer adequate to govern us – even if we did return to it.

So Americans over the past decades have unwittingly voted into office many leaders who were willing to compromise our original Constitutional principles.  Many of these leaders have been willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill for their own reasons.  They have also been willing to set up “the grid” of the populace for another form of government more to their liking.  The form of government that we are headed for presently seems to be fascism.  But that could easily morph into something more sinister.  (Think of Hitler’s rise to power, the terrors of the French revolution prior to the military assuming control, or the Bolsehvik revolution – and the cost in human oppression and lives that they each exacted upon the populaces that allowed them their initial footholds).

Yet – like the Founding Fathers – I also believe that God really is our Creator.  And I believe that He let us know that we will harvest what we plant (unless we receive His forgiveness).  This reaping of what we sow will occur individually – if not here on earth, then after we die.  This reaping will also occur corporately – and that typically shows up in history.  We have sown the blood of over 50,000,000 innocents – among other things – so we will reap a harvest of death…whether through war/ plague/ disaster/ famine/ whatever.

Robert R.



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