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Gingrich’s false play for ‘birther’ votes

According to a recent WorldNetDailly article “former House Speaker and potential GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich used an appearance on Spanish language television to sound off on questions surrounding [alleged] Pres. Obama’s birthplace and religious faith declaring the president has an “obligation” to figure out why so many Americans doubt his life story”.  The article reports that “the former speaker insisted that Obama was “absolutely” born in the United States and is a Christian”.

Gingrich’s remarks are an apt illustration of the main reason why it’s so difficult to have confidence in Republican leaders like him.  It’s too obvious that everything they do and say is motivated by partisan calculation rather than by any sincere concern for the integrity of the Constitution and the liberty it is supposed to establish.  In this instance, for example, by saying that he believes that Obama was absolutely born in the United States Gingrich dutifully aligns himself with the elite party line.  He then seeks to pander to the persistent and still growing number of Americans who have reasonable doubts about Obama’s background.  But Gingrich does not treat those doubts as reasonable.  Instead he ascribes them to fear and anxiety.  In this way, like the little vermin that skillfully maneuver to pinch the cheese without springing the trap, he tries to pose as someone who understands and sympathizes with those who have these doubts while at the same time avoiding the brickbats of his elitist buddies by contemptuously ascribing those doubts to irrational passions.

Unfortunately for him this cleverly calculated pose of sympathy is not only transparently insincere, it invites us to task Gingrich with the same deficiency he pretends to see in Obama.  Gingrich needs to figure out why it is that so many people remain unconvinced of facts he absolutely believes in the absence of any absolutely believable evidence as to their truth.  He needs to figure out why it is that despite the best efforts of cleverly superior elites such as himself many people insist on applying their own common sense.  He needs to figure out why it is that when they see Obama spending a small fortune in legal fees, and then abusing the power of the office he occupies, to suppress all documentary evidence about his background, so many people are prey to the reasonable suspicion that he has something to hide.  (Recently senior White House adviser David Axelrod confirmed that this is a reasonable suspicion.  Questioned about the status of Obama’s birth certificate Axelrod alluded to the fact that “the only people who want to keep things secret are folks who have something to hide”.)

While Gingrich is working on what he needs to figure out anyone tempted to see him as a credible leader in the effort to restore America’s constitutional form of government needs carefully to consider something that’s not at all hard to figure out.  Gingrich and those like him have no interest in preserving and respecting the authority of the Constitution of the United States.  If they did they would stop playing cynical political games with an issue that so directly undermines that authority.  They would cease their contemptibly clever efforts to use the issue for political advantage and instead support or undertake straightforward efforts to ascertain the facts and conscientiously reached the judgments the Constitution requires.

Like every official who has served in some capacity in the government of the United States Newt Gingrich swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.  But on the simple and straightforward issue of the Constitution’s eligibility requirements for the office of President of the United States he has dutifully run with the jackals of contempt for anyone who demands that those requirements be respected.  If elected president of the United States he would again swear the same oath as he takes office.  Since he has forsworn it on so clear a constitutional issue as this, why should anyone believe that he or anyone like him will deal courageously with the more complex issues of constitutional integrity that now threaten to destroy our liberty.

Vote out the Dems!  Don’t trust the GOP!

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  • Neal Davis February 14, 2012, 5:31 am

    Please view The Orphan Constitution so you can learn that there are Three different Presidents.
    1 Article 1 President of The United States
    2 Article 2 President of The United States of America
    3 Article 6 Office of The President
    There are no qualifications for 1&2 the qualifications are for 3 Office of The President. No President has ever taken an oath to Support This Constitution as it is referred to in the body of This Constitution
    The person with the most electoral college votes becomes The President of The United States of America but does not take the Article 6 oath instead he appoints himself to be President of The United States and takes the Article 2 oath. Obama is a Dictator just like every President before him.

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