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GOP’s quislings back Obama’s plan to arm Syrian rebels

Many of them as fanatical and anti-U.S. as the Islamic state

Americans have little or no confidence iSmallLogoLTLn the Congress under Obama era elitist faction leaders who now control its actions.  Though some people still charitably describe these leaders as incompetent, many use terms that run the gauntlet from treacherous and treasonous to just plain stupid. If you want to know why, ponder yesterday’s vote in the U.S. House approving a plan to assist rebels in Syria.

One story I read report that the House okayed Obama’s plan “to arm and train Syrian rebels in the fight against ISIS.”  Actually, they are called “rebels” because, like ISIS, they are in armed rebellion against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Hafez al Assad. Also like ISIS, many of them are fanatical jihadis, inspired by a religious ideology that makes them implacable enemies of the United States.  Like ISIS, they will gladly take U.S. arms, however, while despising the feckless decadence that leads us to produce and pay for our own demise.

Though it’s still a matter of some speculation, it seems increasingly likely that the Benghazi debacle occurred in the course of an Obama faction operation to supply ISIS and other Syrian rebel groups with weapons, without formal Congressional approval.  I, for one, find it hard to believe that they did so without consulting the Congressional leaders, on both sides of the aisle, in positions of power on the Committees that oversee U.S. intelligence and national security affairs. This explains the elitist faction leadership’s willingness to whitewash the fatal Benghazi episode.

Islamic State atrocities have definitely put a stink on any operation that helped to supply them with the weapons they’ve been using to expand their area of control.  In light of this, what if the Obama faction is sitting on evident that proves the complicity of the GOP and Democrat Congressional leaders in the operation.  The Democrats already have their political necks in the noose of Obama’s follies.  But proven collaboration by their pretended opponents in the GOP leadership would further dampen enthusiasm among the GOP’s remaining conservative constituents, enthusiasm that’s already covered with mistrust. This would mightily dim their prospects in upcoming election.

So the GOP’s quisling leaders are doubling down on their Syrian policy wager by formally and officially implicating the whole Congress in support of a plan likely to extend and intensify the material and moral damage America has already suffered from swimming with the jihadi sharks.  In doing so, the current pack of leaders not surprisingly follow the elitist faction’s cardinal principle of action.  They sacrifice America’s material and moral good of in order to cover or enlarge their own political and other assets.

Aside from plunging the U.S. further into an area of the Middle East swamp that has already swallowed many innocent lives (
including hundreds of Christian men, women and children murdered, terrorized and otherwise persecuted by jihadi fanatics), this plan also extends our moral flank, opening us to the attacks of conscience likely to follow as the jihadis we propose to arm prove capable of the same atrocities we are supposedly arming them to fight (which the record of the Syrian civil war makes highly probable.)

Instead of defeating ISIS, the Obama/Congressional plan is very likely to end up demoralizing (a word I always use in its literally sense of removing the moral basis for) America’s efforts, as the forces of evil we fight contend with the forces of evil we supply, turning our whole effort into a morass of evil.  Add to this the fact that the half-a-loaf involvement of U.S. personnel risks pointless sacrifice of American lives, like Benghazi but on a larger scale, and we have a recipe for precisely the kind of shameful mess calculated to push America’s seld-confidence and international reputation more emphatically down the rat hole.

As they ponder these prospects, people who call themselves conservatives, or think themselves to be such, need to consider what the House vote we’re discussing suggests about the likely effect of allowing the GOP’’s quisling leadership to claim a big victory at the polls in November.  So far their story line shows them successfully crushing Tea Party candidates in the primaries.  They will certainly contend that their resounding victory proves the superiority of a political approach that slaps principles, moral and otherwise, out of the ballpark.  They will use the momentum of this boast to refurbish the false flag “conservative” Mitt Romney, or promote some other elitist faction cut-out as the “presumptive” GOP nominee for President.

With a carefully arranged anti-conservative bias built into the arrangement of the presidential primary calendar, and the stage is set to make 2015 a year of no political consequence, in which the GOP quislings can freely collaborate with the Obama faction to approve legislation that puts the rubber stamp of Congressional approval on a whole range of policies damaging to America and therefore hateful to conservatives, including:

  1. Amnesty for illegals and authorization for a new tide of unvetted immigrants, paid for buy increasing the debt enslavement of the American people;
  2. Adoption of the anti-American “Common Core” curriculum, consolidating Federal control of American education on a path that discards America’s founding principles and moral concepts (including God-endowed right);
  3. And further acceptance of subsidies for abortion, the enforcement of homosexuality and other tyrannical assaults on conscience, perpetrated under the color of law.

The House vote on Obama’s self-disintegrating plan to arm anti-U.S. Syrian jihadis is simply a foretaste of things to come, once the end of the midterm election season allows the GOP’s elitist faction leadership to dispense with the tattered shreds of its fig leaf conservatism.  They won’t spend 2015 opposing the consolidation of Obama’s anti-constitutional socialist coup.  They will spend it figuring out what dress they’ll put on for the legislative dance that celebrates its installation, in place of the republic established by Constitution of the United States.

I’m sure that many sincere conservatives who see and understand the ongoing and intended treachery of the GOP’s quisling leaders will simply swell the ranks of the voters who usually give the midterms a pass.  John Boehner will get what some have speculated to be exactly what he wants- a result that doesn’t hand the GOP’s quisling leadership a big enough victory to remove any excuse for their treacherous collaboration with Obama.

But what will America get? A more certain path to the destruction of liberty.  This is why I support the pledge to impeach mobilization.  Rather than simply sitting out the election, conservatives should use the possibility that they will to leverage GOP candidates into joining the ranks of those candidates who have pledged, if elected, to call Obama and his collaborators to account using the means the U.S. Constitution provides.

Have you joined the pledge to impeach mobilization? Are you encouraging everyone you can influence to do likewise?



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  • Richard Geraghty September 28, 2014, 11:14 am

    Your analysis of the GOP in Congress arming the Syrian rebels makes the effort to impeach Obama more and more honorable. It is better to go down fighting than to be suckered again into the illusion that the Republican Establishment is interested in up holding the Constitution.

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