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Is GOP sizzling or fizzling or quisling?

Daily Brief #15


So, who are we to believe?  According to a a Newsmax report “Some polls show the midterm race between Republicans and Democrats for control Congress [sic] narrowing, but Newsmax contributor Dick Morris disagrees.”  The man who was at one time a key political consultant for Bill Clinton “says the polls showing evaporation of the GOP’s advantage are inaccurate.”  However that may be, another report suggests that, on account of poll watching or not, John Boehner is seeking to avoid GOP complacency.  “The top House Republican says it’s an uphill fight for his party to regain a majority from Democrats in the November elections.

This little dance around polling results prompts me to remind people of the observation I shared in a previous post.

The gray eminences manipulating the present sham two-party system would therefore logically prefer a November outcome that hands the GOP enough power to deprive the Obama faction of its capacity for unilateral action, but not enough to halt the open consolidation of elite control that will bring government of, by and for the people to an end. This implies a GOP majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, but one well short of the votes needed for a veto override. It could also include a slightly reduced Democrat majority in the U.S. Senate that would make it even more necessary for the Democrats to woo left-leaning GOP senators in order to advance their socialist schemes. The end result would be the ideal environment for so-called “bipartisanship”, which is to say, Obama faction socialism less recklessly (incompetently?) pursued.

In the Dick Morris story cited above he talks about how easily and routinely polls are manipulated.  For years I have told anyone willing to listen that this is a fact we should never lose sight of.  But instead of thinking only about how one party or the other manipulates polls to affect an election, we should think about how polls can be manipulated to shape the election’s storyline, the view of what’s happening that can condition people to accept a given understanding of the outcome.

The forces out to overturn America’s democratic, republican constitution (I call them the subversive elites) want the November election outcome to be perceived in a way that validates feckless bi-partisan co-operation in the implementation of watered-down socialist policies that consolidate unchallengeable elite domination.  This involves 1) a Tea Party surge that fizzles somewhat when the votes are counted; 2)Democrat losses that rebuke Obama’s haste without repudiating his goals; 3)Republican gains that force bi-partisan co-operation and give the GOP’s Congressional leadership plausible excuses to eschew, as too confrontational, anything that boldly re-asserts the constitutional sovereignty of the people; 4) a pattern of Republican gains and losses that validates the view that moral issues like gay marriage and abortion somehow hurt the GOP’s electoral prospects.

If I were dealing with this as a subject for future fiction (that’s speculative fiction about the future that looks beyond the technological effects of scientific developments to include all manner of social and moral changes), I’d build on election anomalies like the freakish victory of Alvin Greene in the South Carolina Democrat primary.  I’d portray that as the tip of a thread that leads back to an outfit that used that primary as the final demonstration of a state of the art system for manipulating electronic voting systems to produce a desired outcome.

In the context of that sort of direct manipulation of votes, the election’s propaganda story line would be intended to condition public expectations so that the prefabricated outcome resolves the election story the way returning to a tonic chord comfortably resolves the expectation created by a musical phrase.

Of course, this isn’t a work of future fiction.  That kind of electronic election rigging isn’t possible, right? I mean, you and I have all the technical understanding needed of be sure of that, don’t we?

Be that as it may, the politicos poll watching two step prompts me to hope that grassroots liberty loyalists will lett nothing discourage them from deepen turning out in record numbers in November.  Renounce the Obama tainted Democrats. Give the GOP such an overwhelming victory that they can’t weasel out of their responsibility to reassert the sovereignty of the people without exposing once and for all that their real allegiance lies elsewhere.

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