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Obama –The Equal Opportunity Hater?

WND reports that “Glenn Beck fans are fighting back… “against an Obama faction effort to destroy the advertiser base for Beck’s Fox News commentary program. “Now a husband and wife team of Beck fans has launched a website-DefendGlenn.com– that lists the contact information for advertisers for Beck’s and other Fox News programs…” Though the Obama faction effort purports to be a reaction to Beck’s remark that Obama “has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture,” I suspect that their real motivation has more to do with the role he has played as a focal point for opposition to the Obama faction’s drive to subject the United States to a totalitarian national socialist regime. People who oppose their intention should do more than applaud the defenders of Beck’s freedom of speech; they should pitch in and help them out.

That said, I find myself unable to agree with Beck’s statement about Obama’s anti-white attitudes. Casting Obama as some kind of anti-white racist re-enforces the false notion that he speaks from or in any way represents the aggrieved heart of black Americans, the heart that tragically leads some black people (like Henry Gates and other members of the leftist black elite) to wallow incessantly in the world of hurt connected with what they feel is the persistent reality of white racism in America. All too often, however, the wallowing has an ironic “the lady doth protest too much” (Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2) quality about it: Blacks who enjoy all the benefits and prestige American society can offer, using exaggerated gestures of condemnation of white racism to affirm their continued identification with the plight of other, less favored blacks. Is their show of angry resentment for the benefit of those less favored, or does it mainly serve to exploit (for “professional” purposes?) the embarrassed guilt that still influences the actions of so many other Americans who wish conscientiously to deal with the nation’s heritage of racial injustice, fear and mistrust?

Barack Obama surely epitomizes this ironic exploitation of racial embarrassment. It was, and continues to be, a ruthlessly deployed weapon in his arsenal for political warfare. Consider for example elements of the Obama faction who now absurdly claim that people who notice and declare Obama’s commitment to totalitarian national socialism are doing so because he’s black. Actually, Obama’s commitment to totalitarian socialism is more likely related to the emotional role and influence of anti-American leftists (e.g., his mother, Frank Davis, Bill Ayers) in his life and upbringing than to the facts of his racial biology.

After his father abandoned him, these communist/leftist figures provided emotional compensation for that abandonment. Did they redirect the pain and resentment it occasioned away from his father? Did their ideological fervor refocus it instead against the supposedly unjust American economic and political system? The hatred most characteristic of those who influenced Obama’s emotional core is not hatred of whites or of white culture- it’s hatred of the United States and of all that it stood for while leading the fight against expansive international communism.

Nothing about Barack Obama authentically represents or invokes the heritage of black Americans. Throughout his career he has championed the so-called right to abortion. From its inception with people like Margaret Sanger, to its genocidal implications for black Americans today, the promotion of a so called right to murder children in the womb has been allied with forces aiming to eliminate “inferior” races from the catalogue of human existence. (Given the anti-black implications of his fanatical commitment to the abortion agenda, the question arises: Did Obama’s emotional pain over his father’s abandonment result in sub-rosa resentment against his black racial heritage?) Authentic Christian faith has also been characteristic of the black American identity, reflecting the Gospel of love and reverence for God’s will. That is a far cry from the peculiar mélange of race hatred and covert Islamism that claimed Obama’s allegiance as a member of the congregation that assembled to hear the hate speech that passed for sermonizing in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s services.

And despite the leftist cant characteristic of the manipulated media’s preferred black figureheads, many black Americans reject totalitarian socialist schemes to establish government domination and repression. Like my father, they donned the uniform of America’s armed forces and fought with courage, pride and good conscience against the communist/national socialist devaluation of unalienable rights, and its collectivist/elitist assault on respect for the intrinsic worth of each and every human life.

Given Obama’s upbringing, the self-avowed leftist predilections of his university life, the socialist stances characteristic of his brief political career, and the national socialist policies he is trying to force on the American people today, I would suggest that his race has nothing to do with the deep animus that characterizes his policies and actions. The target of his ill will isn’t just whites- its black Americans, Jews, Asians, South Asians, Africans, Hispanics and yes, Europeans, Aussies and Brits, indeed any human beings who hold fast to the idea of liberty and the principles of God ordained human rights and moral dignity from which it springs. Rather than surrendering to the racial division Obama seeks to exploit, Americans of all backgrounds should unite on the common ground of decent humanity offered by our American creed.

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  • JCook August 18, 2009, 3:14 pm

    Without a doubt, your thoughts about standing on our common humanity that we share through our common history is sound advice for a sound world.
    However, as a friend of mine is fond of saying, check your premise. You assume that we have indeed been taught that as Americans we share a common history. This just isn't borne out by observation.

    We allow our public schools to leave us psychologically stuck in antebellum America and wallowing in collective guilt for the tragedy of slavery. Unless or until our education system learns to teach our children that we aren't the sum of our transgressions, rather the sum or our victories over those transgressions, we will continue to act as if race is the first and final definition of a person.

    No matter how divided our ancestors were, we should strive to be of one creed today–a unique, blessed nation of thinking individuals. But that's not what we are taught. We are taught that we are, and shall ever remain, separated by historical and racial boundaries.

  • chiu_chunling August 18, 2009, 3:08 pm

    Indeed, I would go so far as to say that it is deep-seated insecurity, not hate, which drives almost everything Obama is and does. It is true that he is comfortable associating with those who live for hate, but not because he is one of them. He embraces their affection because it is so easy to please them…all he must do is mechanically act out the role of champion for their demented fantasies.

    This is, perhaps, the root of Obama's apparent charisma. He gives Americans permission to believe that the agenda he embraces is motivated by something other than overflowing malice towards Americans. Looking at him, there isn't any gleam of hatred in his eyes. There is only a desperate need to be accepted.

    It is the trait that humans love in their dogs…so perhaps it is inevitable that eventually a democracy should choose such a man to be 'leader of the free world.'

    Forgive my laughter. You have better reasons to hate me, after all.

  • notredameal August 17, 2009, 8:51 pm

    Obama is the most divisive political figure I have ever seen. His arrogance and ego are exposing his true colors…..red.

    At every opportunity, he apologizes to the world for our foreign policy, while never pointing towards the countless military and humanitarian aid our country has bestowed on so many others.

    His belly aching is lame and highly unprofessional – how many times is he going to remind us that he inherited an economic mess – if he didn't truly understand what he was getting himself into then why on earth did he run for office? Hey Obama, you made your bed now sleep in it and stop blaming the previous administration – you come across very petty doing so!

    The bottom line, as I see it, is this: If Obama has complete confidence in his abilities, his leadership and his ideals then why does he constantly have to bad mouth the opposition? His insecurities are very apparent….not transparent.

  • gilbertabrett August 17, 2009, 1:53 pm

    Funny you should post this today. I came home for lunch and my mom sees the advertisement for tonight's 'news.' They are crying that the big bad Aryan nation men are after poor wittle King Hussein. This area of Hampton Roads is well known for stirring the racial toilet to get ALL the stink to the top. They live for it around here. When the real news gets dull or they do not want us to KNOW what is REALLY going on, someone starts crying about white people and black people… like they are the ONLY two races in the country OR the only two that can't seem to get along "without the government or 'news' casters getting involved." Oh, what would we do without these oh so enlightened individuals???

    Personally, even though the 'media' has recognized and 'reported' on King Hussein's 'swagger,' I still think his white side outshines his African heritage. After all, he was not raised by any BLACK Americans… Michelle is probably the first close-to-the-real thang he ever knew AND SHE IS A FAR CRY FROM THE GHETTO GIRLS I GREW UP WITH. I imagine he got more of a "taste" of that when he met Larry Sinclair… oops…

    My mom says that is what the 'news' does when they are trying to throw you off track of what is really going on – start crying about race issues. King Hussein could care less about color as long as he is able to maintain his position AND POWER.

    Have a great week Dr. Keyes and keep putting the postings out. I love to come home and read what you have written EVERYDAY!

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