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Obama v. Romney: Unless we reject them both we will not be free

[This is a comment and reply re the article “To build his public career RINO Romney pandered to the entitlement mentality he slyly slams now”]


I cannot argue the point; I am in complete agreement with you when you say either one is bad. However, every four years we do the same thing; we allow time to pass without the people vetting real conservative candidates to replace what they have just elected. Every four years we leave it to the “lesser of two evils”.

This year though, is different; we have in front of us a man(?) who has shown us his true colors and they can only be loved by Satan. He lies the most obvious lies to us and so many absorb those lies as if they were instilled in them at birth. The ironic thing is these are the same people who will deny the doctrines of Christianity as lies and fairy tales. He openly embraces Islam and denies everything America stands for. He demands proof from everyone else, yet he refuses to show anything and people are okay with this.

I know oBAMa is bad for us; I know we cannot withstand another term with him in control. I do know I did not want Romney to be the Republican candidate; it is disgusting how he was nominated. I am old enough to remember when the candidate was actually chosen at the convention. Nominees would be named, votes would be taken and the party would rally around their candidate. Of course, candidates actually stood for something some of the time back then. I think injustice certainly took place at the RNC. The funny thing is that the other head would not be out done; I saw their “vote” to put God back into the platform. These are certainly two heads on one snake. However, we have the ability this year to be able to change heads and elect a good House of Representatives that will keep that head in check.

Romney has got to replace oBAMa. We need to select a strong Congress to keep him under Constitutional control and we need to start working NOW to find his replacement in 2016.


For the most part I agree with you about what we must do for the future.  But in one respect what you propose to do with your vote in this election fails to deal with the most vital issue.  Why is a man like Willard Romney the GOP candidate for president?  The thrust of his entire political career runs counter to the principles and views of the largest part of the GOP’s essential grassroots constituency.  Obviously, the Party’s essential constituency has lost control of the selection process.   That’s because in general the elitist faction has hijacked control of the American party system.  As it stands now, they can often, in both the so-called major parties, impose the candidate of their choice.  Tragically for America, the elitist faction now opposes the principles on which the American Republic is founded.  They seek to overthrow the government of, by and for the people established upon those principles.  They seek to replace it with an elitist, socialist oligarchy in which at best the people rubber stamp decisions made by their “betters”, and at worst have no choice at all.

[I discussed this state of affairs, and the remedy needed to address it, in an article on this blog entitled America’s Real Party System- Part 4, back in September, 2010. If you have the interest, it’s worth reading all the articles in that series to explore the full analysis on which it is based.]

The people will not get choices that actually reflect their views until they regain control of the political process.  They will not regain control of the political process until they demonstrate, to themselves and the world, that they have the capacity to exercise judgment and goodwill independent of manipulation by the elitist forces that are right now successfully controlling them.   We are told we have no choice but Obama or Romney.  If we once again submit to that dictation, we fail to deal with the real enemy of our liberty- the domineering elitist faction which both Obama and Romney represent.

The elitist faction controls our choice by manipulating our fear.  On one side and the other voters are being driven to do the bidding of their elitist masters with the threat that if and when they do not, the bogeyman (be it Obama or Romney) will get them.  That leaves the real bogeyman (the elitist faction) in control.   This politics of fear subtly replaces the principle of government by consent of the people (republican government) with the reality of government by elitist manipulation of fear and force (tyrannical government).  As we more and more accept this kind of politics, we become a people more and more unfit for liberty.  There’s only one way to break the elitist faction’s  hold on us and the erosion of character it entails.  We must reject our fear.  We must  vote by faith instead of fear. We must reject both Romney and Obama and concentrate instead on regaining control of the branch of government that America’s Founders  intended to be people’s primary vehicle for representation, the Congress of the United States.

By voting for either one of the elitist’s preferred candidates, we signal that we are still slaves to fear.  Only by rejecting them both can we demonstrate our emancipation.  On our own, we do not have the courage to do so.  But according to the creed that defines us as Americans, we are not on our own.  The will and power of the maker of heaven and earth support our right to make responsible choices for ourselves.  So if we depend on God to be the standard for our emancipation, we need never depend on others to dictate the choices He allows.

The tragic fact is that the Democrat wing of the elitist faction has, by its deeds, cast away the cord of this dependency on the Creator, God.  The tragic fact is that the GOP wing of the elitist faction has done so as well,  in all but their lip-service.  In the Platform Republican Approach the words of the GOP platform are like the pole that lifts a unit’s battle flag on high. The pole is not the standard, but it can serve as the rallying point for those who mean to honor the standard by casting their lot with one another.



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  • Matt Beaven September 29, 2012, 7:19 pm

    Two points–

    1. I’d rather deal with four years of liberalism than eight.
    2. As we saw with Bush, Republicans do not resist their own when confronted with liberal policies. They would resist Obama. I want a Republican congress that will resist the president when he violates the Constitution.

  • JA Wilson September 28, 2012, 9:51 am

    “…if we depend on God to be the standard for our emancipation, we need never depend on others to dictate the choices He allows.” !!!! “The “Platform Republican” justified by faith.
    The message sent to the world, is a bonus.
    (Romans 5:1-5)” !!!! “…One man with God makes a majority!” !!! Agreed all!
    Question to my fellow Christian voters: DO WE WORSHIP THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB, OR DO WE WORSHIP THE OVAL OFFICE (WHOEVER’S THERE)? IF IT’S THE LATTER, WE WORSHIP SATAN. FOLKS, WHO’S THE AUTHOR OF FEAR? IT AIN’T GOD! All any of us needs to ask before voting: Lord, I want my vote to honor YOU (NOT man). You direct me. WHO will HONOR YOU??

  • Geo September 27, 2012, 5:31 pm

    Mr. Keys, if it means saving just one baby from ravages of the Godless progressives. Romney gets my vote. If it means that our nation will get another chance at stopping Marxism then Romney gets my vote. Finally, if it means another chance to get the Godless thugs out of our government then Romney gets my vote. A no vote or vote for someone who will never get elected to purposely let this nation fall on its own sword fringes on madness.

    • loyaltoliberty September 28, 2012, 12:42 am

      His record proves that Romney is also a Godless progressive who believes that the goverment should pay for abortions, and who wants to destroy Todd Akin because Akin wants to protect children conceived in rape from abortion. So why are you really for Romney? The reasons you give aren’t supported by the facts.

  • Gregg Jackson September 26, 2012, 3:56 pm

    Well said Alan! One man with God makes a majority!

  • ken September 26, 2012, 2:23 pm

    The “Platform Republican” justified by faith.
    The message sent to the world, is a bonus.
    (Romans 5:1-5)

  • Mike Coville September 26, 2012, 1:16 pm

    Feel free to split the vote in 2016, but this year we need to hold our nose and pull the lever for Romney. It is not an option to let Obama have a second term with no need to appease voters.

    • alkeyes September 26, 2012, 1:50 pm

      You obviously haven’t read or thought about the suggested approach. The key is authentically conservative control of the Congress, which has the Constitutional power to thwart Obama OR Romney. Right NOW the elitist wing of the GOP sees no need to appease the principled conservative voters who believe in the GOP platform, since the elitist leaders believe they have successfully co-opted and domesticated the Tea Party upsurge. That’s why they are openly, adamantly purging Todd Akin.
      Having successfully duped grassroots conservatives into confirming Romney’s false credentials as a conservative, Romney will also feel no need to pay them any mind. He will govern, as he did in Massachusetts, through a coalition of leftist Republicans (like Scott Brown), leftist Democrats and GOP leaders too thoroughly dependent on the elitist faction to risk alienating themselves from it (like John Boehner).
      By simply giving in to panic terror over Obama, you’re the one whose setting the country up for the final destruction of its liberty. I have often said that the death blow to liberty will be delivered by someone pretending to be a Republican at the time. Without a conservative stronghold in the Congress, held in line by fear of the demonstrated independence of the conservative grassroots, we will sadly learn from experience that I am right about that (just as, early on, I was right about Obama’s hard line socialist convictions, at a time when the elitist GOP leaders shilling for Romney were still holding Obama’s hat and coat (and their tongues about the question of his Constitutional eligibility), letting him prance into the White House. You go ahead and do just what they want you to do, as people foolishly did in 2008. I confidently predict that you’ll regret it (that is, if you ARE a sincere friend to America’s liberty.)

      • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el September 27, 2012, 4:13 am

        Love ya Alen but this idea will not work because if Barack Hussein Obama wins in November 2012 this will be seen as a referendum and that Americans demand more Government etc. with that the Congress even if controlled by republicans will be even more docile then our current House led by the spineless John Boehner. Barack Hussein Obama will be seen as even more untouchable then he is today.. I was there with you in 2004 in Illinois when voter turn out on our side was pathetic … You are so right with regards to the republican establishment and the stupidity that is non stop from them.. However I can not allow Barack Hussein Obama four more years to destroy this Republic with hopes that Congress will stop him which is likely not to happen just look at the track record we have had since Bush 2001 our republican controlled Congress was anemic and pathetic and had no spine what so ever the republicans gave democrats more seats on committees then the minority was given in the past it was as pathetic as it could be and it even gave us DHS… I can’t tell you how much i respect your knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and I would vote for you as Senator and or President but I just can’t agree with this idea…

    • WillCD September 26, 2012, 4:22 pm

      Mike, Obama is the lesser of two evils. Since he’s the lesser of two evils, should I hold my nose and vote for him? Looking to you on this one.

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