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Stopping Obama’s coup: The need is clear, so is the way

The key lies with America's voters, acting on their Constitutional responsibility, as Americans should

The headline read: MAJORITY: BERGDAHL SWAP DESERVES IMPEACHMENT.  The story began: “America is less safe under Barack Obama’s leadership.  Its military probably has little respect for the decisions of the commander in chief, and a majority of Americans believe that removal by impeachment would be a proper result, according to a new poll.”

Of course, as Aristotle said long ago “one swallow does not a summer make”.  So one poll is not much of an indication that the political will exists to impeach and remove Barack Obama from office.  However, the Bergdahl swap, ripe as it is with the stench of premeditated treachery, is part of a whole gulp of swallows, each of them poisonous to the nation and its Constitution.  The smell of bitter almonds also rises from the manufactured border SmallLogoLTLintegrity crisis.  It involves among other things, an influx of unaccompanied minors being orchestrated as the vanguard of the final stages of what amounts to an insidious invasion of U.S. territory; and policies that have aided and abetted, with training and arms, terrorists unalterably hostile to the very existence of the United States and dedicated to attacking and endangering the lives of American citizens throughout the world.

To complete the picture, we must add these eye-catching bits of treachery to a mosaic of ongoing actions and policies that:

  1. Deny Americans their 1st Amendment right to exercise religion (i.e., act on, carry out, live according to);
  2. Seek to achieve the wholesale disarmament of American citizens (nullifying the 2nd Amendment);
  3. Destroy their 4th Amendment right “to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures”;
  4. Suppress their Constitutionally reserved (Tenth Amendment) authority to deal with matters respecting an establishment of religion, by themselves or in and through their respective State governments;
  5. Disparage and infringe the antecedent, God endowed and Constitutionally acknowledged (9th Amendment) rights of the people, including especially the unalienable rights of the natural family;
  6. Neglect, weaken and demoralize and in the case of veterans, directly and purposely extinguish the lives of servicemen and women, including active duty personnel and veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States;
  7. The unlawful and unconstitutional abuse of U.S. government powers (like the IRS) to attack political adversaries;

This is just a summary of the long train of abuses, stretching back to the very beginning of the Obama era.  At that time, Obama and his collaborators treated the Constitution’s eligibility requirements for President with destructive contempt.  I pointed out that this elitist faction contempt threatened the integrity of the Constitution’s authority, quite apart from the particulars of Obama’s situation.  I have repeatedly, over the course of years, made a similar point about the attack on the unalienable right of the natural family (in the promotion of homosexual marriage, and the abuse of law involved in enforcing respect for homosexual behavior.)  I wrote early on about Obama dangerous disregard for our national security and the safety of our troops, and its effect in weakening and demoralizing our Armed Forces.   I highlighted the ominous purpose revealed in his abuses of Executive Power, his usurpation of constitutionally reserved legislative prerogatives, and so forth.

In similar fashion I have clear and repeatedly called attention the fact that the GOP leadership’s unwillingness to call Obama to account, and their active collaboration with his policies for bankrupting the nation, point to a challenge more pervasive than one man or one Party.  I realize that its bad form to say I told you so, but sometimes it has relevance.  As people finally awaken to the dangers I saw coming years ago, they naturally cast about for some way of responding to the threat.  Who is in the best position to advise them?

People who have for years denied or belittled the dangers in order to serve their own selfish interests are hardly reliable sources of counsel.  People lately awakened, like themselves, even if they are sincere have had little time to think through the nature of the threat and consider what might best be done to meet it.  If someone say danger coming a long way off, shouldn’t you at least consider the possibility that the understanding you hear from them now is as clear sighted about the future as the understanding people ignored years ago, has now been proven to be about what is transpiring before your eyes?

I believe that the most important thing I have to say about the necessary response to the ongoing elitist faction campaign to overthrow the U.S. Constitution is that people who want to stop it will never succeed until they realize that they themselves are the key to doing so.  The Government, the so-called major Parties, the self-preening elitist faction leadership in and outside of politics- they are all of them implicated in the threat.  Trust them and the Constitution and liberty of the American people will be destroyed.

I say, instead, that Americans must put their trust in God, and in accordance with the principle on which our nation is founded, we must trust in and take responsibility for ourselves.  Right now that means looking for the one thing that above all depends on what we ourselves do, and that can have a dramatic positive effect on the outcome of our nation’s present trial.  This conviction is what leads me to do all that I can to encourage everyone to consider, think through and participate in the pledge to impeach mobilization.  By means of the opportunity it provides. Americans determined to save stop the  march to tyranny can, by their own action, shape the one result that can make the most difference in that regard.  They can gather the political will to elect an impeachment/removal Congress that will save the Constitution the constitutional way.

Have you signed on to the pledge to impeach mobilization?  Are you encouraging everyone you can influence to do the same?

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