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The GOP- Divided Against Itself

Santorum’s Ave Maria U. Speech “off Message”?- Part 2

“Nay, indeed, if you had your eyes, you might fail of the knowing…Well…truth will come to light; …at the length truth will out.” (Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, Act II, Scene 2)

“…The problem is the corrupted mentality of the party system. …On account of that corruption, the present twin-party sham is programmed to offer nothing but bad choices, shrewdly packaged to deceive.” (Herman Cain vs. the Declaration)

Given that it is possible to provide a very reasonable explication of the practical relevance of the Scriptural understanding of human affairs, it’s not easy to understand why a Christian political leader would shrink from boldly following it, whether they are speaking to Christian or non-Christian audiences. But the elite faction’s media distortions have intimidated many of these leaders, leading them to believe that any reliance upon Scriptural wisdom will unleash a storm of anti-Christian bigotry, and so spell doom at the ballot box. Did Rick Santorum defy this cowardice? Not when he first gave his remarks to a mostly Catholic audience in 2008. In that context he may simply have given the speech he thought his audience wanted to hear. Rumor has it that politicians do this from time to time.

The test of both Santorum’s courage and his competence came only recently, as the media minions of the elite faction’s anti-Christian bigotry sought to use his 2008 speech to propagandize against him. If the speech resulted from thoughtful reflection upon the wisdom and truth Senator Santorum finds in the Scripture, wouldn’t the fruits of that reflection come readily to mind? If Santorum’s renowned pro-life stance is rooted in a heart that seeks to restore the acknowledgement of God’s truth found in the Declaration of Independence, wouldn’t he welcome the chance to confirm and vindicate the wisdom of people throughout the nation who also seek that restoration, people whose hearts and principles he offers to represent in the White House?

Instead his reaction is limited to what serves the purposes of his ambition. He seeks to give the impression of strong conviction, without demonstrating the capacity to defend it. With the promise to defend what he has said, he tries to hold on to the credit it wins from voters faithful to the Declaration’s acknowledgment of God’s sovereignty. But when he chides the media for bringing up “old speeches” he gave to religious groups, he denigrates the priority that should be given to representing their patriotic good faith. Were the views he shared with those groups true, or merely time serving concoctions? If true, are they any less true today, as the nation endures in every area of its life, the damaging consequences of abandoning its moral foundations? When Santorum indicates that he doesn’t care to vindicate his Scriptural understanding of America’s peril, but wants to “stay on message and… talk about things Americans want to hear, which is creating jobs, making our country more secure,…”etc., is he suggesting that the Scriptural understanding is not relevant to the crisis we face on every front?

This makes no sense. Not when our precipitous economic slide owes so much to the unbridled greed and lust for power of self-serving, god rejecting elites; not when our people’s shriveling capacity to care for themselves owes so much to expanding socialism in government and an elite initiated assault on the God endowed family; not when our nation’s insecurity owes so much to the reckless abandonment of respect for the exceptional moral purpose of its existence; not when the weakness and demoralization of our leadership owes so much to educational institutions that no longer teach or even tolerate the moral premises that substantiate that purpose.

If he is the principled conservative he claims to be, Santorum should welcome the discussion of the moral understanding that informs his politics, not seek to evade it. Parroting the jobs mantra, he talks like someone who embraces the “money is god” Republicanism characteristic of RINOs like Romney and Arlen Specter, both of whom he lately supported but now professes to oppose. He reinforces the purposely deceptive impression of the American people the elitist faction media seeks to create. It serves their purposes to portray Americans as irate clients of socialism, who care only about their material well-being: jobs and money, money and jobs and money; and who clamor for government policies that “create” what they themselves are unable or unwilling to provide. Like fledgling birds their mouths are open; like helpless children their hands are out, waiting for the goodies their government handlers parcel out. This self-image prepares Americans to be manipulated in a way that serves the elite faction’s strategic aim, which is to consolidate an elite monopoly of power that overturns Constitutional government of, by and for the people.

Given his endorsement of Mitt Romney in 2008 it makes sense for people to suspect that, behind the veil of some conservative sounding rhetoric, Senator Santorum actually embraces this degrading view of the character of the American people. His voting record as a U.S. Senator indicates that he does. It confirms that, like Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, et al., he is a “big government” conservative; an oxymoron that exactly reflects the crypto-socialist agenda of the GOP wing of the elitist faction.

He may explain this or that vote (like his support for an education policy that enforces Federal domination of education in the U.S.) by saying that he “took one for the team.” But, in an almost comically ironic twist, Santorum’s once favorite Presidential candidate, crypto-socialist icon Mitt Romney, rightly wondered what team he is referring to. Somewhere along the line Santorum, Romney and the whole crew of party-comes- first Republicans simply surrendered to the power-mad paradigm of politics that rejects the goal of representation American politics is supposed to serve. The team they play on no longer includes the people they claim to represent. These are people like Santorum’s pro-life constituents in Pennsylvania, the ones whose heartfelt work he thwarted when he endorsed Arlen Specter in the 2004; or the staunch supporters of the God endowed family in Massachusetts whom Governor Romney betrayed when, in direct contravention of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, he abused his power as governor  in order to force Justices of the Peace to perform homosexual marriages. This power-mad paradigm for politics no longer puts the common good of the people above the partisan competition for office. It no longer tolerates those with the political courage to speak first and foremost about what kind of people we must be in order to retrieve and secure what previous generations of Americans have thoroughly proven to be the blessings of republican liberty.

Senator Santorum could have reacted to the anti-Christian bigotry of the elitist media in a way that demonstrated the sincerity of his proclaimed opposition to the crypto-socialist elites he has dutifully served but now claims to oppose. He could have demonstrated his competence in representing the Scriptural understanding he put on display in his 2008 Ave Maria University speech. Instead he has done what every GOP candidate now seems programmed to do. He has acted in a way that confirms the tragic disappointment that awaits those who claim they want to see a restoration of our Constitutional Republic, but who remain blind to the ever more evident truth. The political culture of the Republican Party now allows no real commitment to that goal. The GOP now takes people of good heart and intention (such as Rick Santorum once was) and it turns them into subroutines of the elite faction program designed to implement the agenda for the Constitutional Republic’s irreversible demise.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But if it is broken beyond repair, throw it away and try something new. Not long ago I read a piece that called Senator Santorum “the last conservative standing” in the GOP Presidential primary field. Yet his record includes a welter of unprincipled betrayal and ill excused support for socialist policies and personnel. And his unwillingness to defend the moral understanding he professes to espouse evinces either the incapacity reasonably to defend it, or the cynically calculated unwillingness to do so. Either way, he unfairly discredits the people and views he is supposed to represent. If this is what the GOP offers as the last hope of conservatism, then the GOP is broken beyond repair.

The GOP won’t work for true republicans because it is a “house divided against itself”. (Note well: The division I refer to here is not among GOP candidates.  It is the now evident opposition of all the GOP candidates against the moral character and convictions of the people they are supposed to represent.) In my next posting I will discuss the logical consequence of this fact, which is simply this: No campaign the GOP mounts for the Presidency is likely to defeat Obama come November. GOP Republicans will be too preoccupied living out the mantra they have prepared for themselves in oh so many ways: “We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

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  • W. March 4, 2012, 1:02 am

    Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are both Christians…and what I have heard them say has resonated with me from a Biblical standpoint.   I favor Newt, because of his experience, knowledge and past achievement.   He has repented of his past sins, and gotten help and spiritual counsel.  I am willing to forgive, because my own sins were forgiven.  I have watched every debate, many speeches, interviews of all the candidates, and thus far, Newt is my considered choice.   I’m from GA and have known him for many years.  I know a lot about his childhood and having studied psychology and ministered to people with his background, I know the reasons for his bad behavior…and Mr. Clinton’s.   It is a matter of repentance, getting counseling, spiritual direction and growing in emotional and spiritual maturity.  God is powerful and effective in His saving grace and mercy…when we repent and surrender.

    Thank you for your work, writing and witness, Dr. Keyes.  

    • W. March 4, 2012, 1:06 am

      PS – I am not happy with the Republican party and definitely not the Democrats.  As Sarah Palin says, the DC Jacuzzi needs draining and disinfecting (reform).  

      Many dream of a Conservative party made up of social and fiscal conservatives.  

  • D. McClain February 28, 2012, 11:12 am

    Ron Paul is the best choice for us, being that he is the outcast republican, and we are right of the republican party. 
    Despite Obama continuing previous administrations’ policy of fighting undeclared wars all over the world, the gullible American majority believes the liberals are the ones who love peace.  We must reclaim the policy of national security and not hegemon if we are to return to founding principles

  • alkeyes February 27, 2012, 6:34 pm

    Also with due respect, this irrationally wishful thinking is what has allowed the GOP to take  us over the brink of destruction, as I will show in my next post.  Another such GOP victory as you propose (which I think is unlikely in any case) will simply confirm our undoing. Unless people who really believe in the Republic stop deluding themselves this way, it’s already too late.
    “Religious” is not the issue.  The Pharisees were “religious”.  We need to be people who seek first the kingdom of God, not some treacherous “victory” we contrive by settling for leaders who betray, defame or sacrifice His truth.  Once we are such a people, and refuse subservience to a Party that refuses to represent what we are, we will be able to choose single hearted representatives through whom we can return to God’s will and His principles of government.  Then He will procure the victory, and it will be for real.

  • Paul Singer February 27, 2012, 4:28 pm

    Dr. Keyes with all due respect .. Santorum is the most religious of the top three. Although I do not advocate pragmatism in these regards .. Losing the election gets us nowhere .. Winning with Rick , Newt or Sarah gkeeps us alive to fight another day

  • Guy Stevenson July 7, 2010, 2:38 pm

    “No free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.” — Patrick Henry

    And a fervent reverence for God…

    On the will of Liberty; Part III

    Gods will of Liberty, is Our Freedoms Cry

    Just a Nail In The Wall,

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