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The GOP’s Political Chaff

As I suggested at the end of my WND column on Friday,  Americans may have come to the time when disorder and dissolution put an end to the last vestiges of their country’s constitutional, democratic Republic. As part of their contribution to the elitist faction’s campaign to bring about that result, the elitist faction leaders of the GOP want us to believe that this is coming to pass on account of the nasty, bad old leftists in the Obama faction. In recent days some conservatives have finally begun to speak about the ‘elephant in the room’, which is the complicity of these supposedly anti-Obama GOP leaders in the elitist faction assault on the Republic.

I believe, however, that if future historians are at liberty truthfully to consider the final cause of the demise of American liberty; and if they have access to anything like authentic records of what is now transpiring; they will be liable to conclude that America’s liberty died because it could not survive the abandonment of the natural law logic on which it was founded. They will therefore point the finger of blame at American Christians, who lacked the wisdom, will and courage to defend the understanding of law, justice and liberty their faith made possible.

Of course, if the elitist subversion of America’s electoral process is not yet complete, God-affirming Americans may still be in a position to avert this accusation. But this would require united action by those self-consciously dedicated to reasserting the self-evident truths America’s founders upheld, beginning with the acknowledgement that, as our Creator, God’s constitution of our nature establishes the ultimate standard of justice, i.e., of right and wrong, in human affairs.

The main obstacle to this united action is the fact that too many of America’s self-professed followers of Jesus Christ continue to participate in the GOP wing of the elitist faction’s sham party system. As a result, they accept an understanding of politics in which goals and priorities are determined by the false competition between the Democrats and the GOP. Manipulated by the logic of this false competition, these Christian conservatives thoughtlessly accept the false imperative it imposes. This imperative requires that they forge a coalition with God-rejecting so-called libertarians. In order to do maintain this coalition, they accept an equivocal understanding of rights, one that forbids them to rely on the God acknowledging natural law logic of America’s founding.

Tragically, with its true logic in exile, the language of rights degenerates into an assertion of freedom without regard for any law but what is imposed by the human will of those who possess superior power. America’s founders called this licentiousness. Because it inevitably produces disorder and dissolution, they rightly understood it to be the surest path to tyrannical despotism. These days America is walking that path. This is the import of the battles being waged over abortion, so-called marriage for homosexuals, and the promotion of homosexual “rights”. In like manner, a movement like the current political offensive aimed at unconstitutionally denying and disparaging the right of the people to keep and bear arms, has ever been the penultimate way station along the way that leads to the forceful imposition of tyrannical rule.

Thanks to their good conservative instincts many Americans recognize that the stands politicians and public figures take on these issues can serve as litmus tests of their allegiance to the Republic’s founding principles. Withal, they appreciate the overarching importance of allegiance to the indispensable functional premise of republican self-government, which is the sovereignty, under God, of the American people. On this account they have reacted with righteous anger against the elitist faction’s contemptuous neglect of the integrity of the nation’s borders and its national identity. This has permitted the de facto invasion of the United States by people solely preoccupied with their own material interest; who have no interest in becoming Americans; no willingness to surrender their allegiance to their country of origin; and no desire to live in the spirit of God-endowed right and decent liberty whereby, with much sacrifice of life, and much investment of labor, love and treasure, generations of Americans carried their nation to a pinnacle of success unparalleled in human history.

In 2006, on the days when tens of thousands draped their demands for “amnesty” in the Mexican flag, millions of Americans finally recognized the true nature of this invasion. They have ever since demanded proof that it is being repelled, but all in vain. Instead, the elitist faction is determined to push this salient forward until, in combination with the subversion of the electoral process and the exhaustion of the nation’s good faith and credit, it has irreparably ruined the material basis for the sovereignty of the American people. Like the elites of ancient Rome, whose treachery paved the way for its destruction, America’s elitist faction is ruining America’s constitutional Republic. They fancy themselves the oligarchs of some new global empire. But should they succeed in their treachery, the global forces twice held in check by the moral resolve of America’s decent liberty will break free to devour them, transforming the world until no one recalls the language in which to speak their names.

The GOP’s principled conservative base consists of many who care deeply about the impending destruction of the Republic, and who are, against all odds, determined to help avoid it. To distract and enthrall them, the sham party system’s elitist faction controllers promote certain public figures who sound as if they share the base’s concerns. Their spotlight is thrown onto this or that so-called “conservative hero”, whose speech or action seems to champion the hopes of true American patriots. This was the pattern of the primaries that preceded the GOP’s hopelessly deceitful nomination of Mitt Romney. It is the emerging pattern of the elitist faction media’s purported coverage of the possibilities for the next rounds in the electoral competition.

But behind the hype, the elitist faction continues pushing forward with the strategy to overthrow America’s government of, by and for the people, as they supplant it with an elitist tyranny maintained by every forceful, technologically advanced means at their disposal. For the time being, the fact that they still deploy figureheads meant to distract people from what’s really transpiring suggests that there is still a chance to thwart their strategy, if enough people realize what they intend to do and react in time. But the elitist faction’s false “Pied Pipers” are like the chaff or decoys a sophisticated military aircraft or missile deploys to confuse an enemy’s missile guidance system. Wasting their efforts on such false hopes, good people may exhaust their resources without effect, until the American Republic lies dead at the hands of its assailants.

But in these treacherous times, how are we to distinguish between the false hopes and the true? Since we seek to return to America’s founding principles, the answer is obvious. Our true hope lies in doing what we seek to do. We must return to the logic of the founding, and make it our own. Then we must apply it to the choices we have to make, accepting alternatives that correspond to its self-evident truths, and rejecting those that do not. In the next part of this essay: some examples of what this involves.

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