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Time to cast down America’s political idols

Or they will cast down America's constitutional republic

[A slightly truncated version of  this article appeared as my column for WND this week.  I publish it here for the benefit of readers who may have missed its WND debut.]

In the aftermath of WWII, as Soviet Backed communist Parties consolidated their monopoly of power in the countries of Eastern Europe. However, to facilitate control and give the appearance of “democratic” elections, the communists allowed the existence of parties nominally distinct from the Communist Party, though in fact subservient to its agenda in all respects. “East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Poland operated bloc party systems where non-Marxist parties were constituent members of an official coalition. A similar system operates in China today.”

To all intents and purposes the two so-called major parties in the U.S. political system, though nominally distinct, now function as bloc parties under the aegis of an elitist faction clique. From behind an increasingly thin veil of obscurity, the corporate money and media masters of the elitist faction vet the leadership of both so-called major Parties, and the ideological parameters within which they operate, much as the Soviet Communist Party set the agenda for the bloc parties of Eastern Europe.

This sham façade of political competition masks what remains of the struggle between the real opposing sides in the United States. On one side are those still loyal to the Founders’ goal of representative government— of by and for people— informed by the “laws of nature and of nature’s God”, which is to say, the provisions made by the Creator for the existence of humanity. On the other are those who have discarded the premises of the American founding, especially the premise of creation. They favor an assertion of human freedom that acknowledges no defining limits or boundaries but what emerge in the course of events that register the imponderable probabilities of conflicting power.

Since the end of the Reagan era, opponents of the liberty of the American people have stealthily worked toward this climactic stage. At first they helped to inflate the perception of America’s strength and prosperity. But for a fortnight of years (since 9/11) they have systematically degraded America’s way of life, in terms of moral and material conditions. The period of deceptive inflation softened the character of the people, mesmerizing them with a tantalizing mirage of endless vistas of convenience and satisfaction. The degradation of these latter years aims to cow and intimidate the mind and spirit of the people. So the reality of their struggle for survival as a free and self-governing people has become more and more painfully self-evident.

The prospect of their demise in this respect has diverse effects. There are, of course, people who are happy to die, like insects, suddenly; blithely unaware that they are being stripped of humanity and life until the last moment. Perhaps, sub-consciously, they take it as a kindness to be thus extinguished. But others would rather live in the shadow of death with fear and corresponding courage, as human beings: Conscious of mortal danger, yet not cowed. They are determined justly and consciously to choose, as God bids them to do, in favor of the spirit of indignation that rises in defiance when lawless force brandishes fearful dangers in order to intimidate and enslave a people’s conscientious will.

I am confident that such brave Americans are larger in number than their supine, self-blinded and self-abasing compatriots. But the whole point of the elitist faction’s political sham is to make sure that faithful, brave Americans are kept ignorant of their own strength; and encouraged to exhaust themselves and their resources winning political victories that lift up “dumb idols” (1 Corinthians 12:2, Revelation 9:20) who will not admit to seeing danger until the people are being overwhelmed by it; who will not consent to hear the people’s outcry against injustice until it is accomplished fact; who will not walk faithfully according to what they falsely promise in order, by that deceit, to possess for themselves the vital offices of government power.

Shortly before Barack Obama announced his decision to follow Hitler’s logic of executive power and sweep aside America’s immigration laws, Senator Ted Cruz said that Obama’s action would bring on a “constitutional crisis”, a “moment of testing”. He declared his hope that “we will see Republicans in Congress stand up and side with the people against the lawless president.” Later he suggested that the GOP “block all of his nominations, except for those crucial to national security, until he rescinds his executive order.”

Cruz is supposed to be one of the principled voices of the GOP, willing to represent the common sense of grassroots conservatives. Yet here he is pretending that the GOP can oppose what is, according to his oath and that of all other U.S., officials, the most fatal attack on our national security— an attack on the Constitution itself— while continuing to act as if Obama can be trusted to choose those responsible for overseeing our national security. Moreover, in the face of Obama’s criminal actions, Cruz spoke of his “hope” that Congress would act so that “the president does not become an unaccountable monarch”. Thus timidly he speaks, calling him “monarch” instead of “tyrant”. Thus he conjures hollow “hope” instead of demanding that his colleagues in Congress join him to represent the people’s will to do battle, by all Constitutional means, against Obama’s tyranny, exposing him for what he is: A deceitful, anti-American demagogue, repudiated even by many of those who were once taken in by his lies.

Obama’s is a failed Presidency, fatally flawed since it began. Nothing effectively stands in the way of thwarting his arrogant putsch. But nothing effective is precisely what the GOP’s quisling leaders are likely to do. They know that impeachment is the Constitutional way, but they adamantly refuse to follow it. This is why Obama smugly challenges the will of the voters, slyly fomenting riots to create an atmosphere of intimidation. His present boldness is due entirely to the cowardice or complicity of the GOP’s quisling leaders. He will not be made to desist until they are replaced with citizens lifted up to represent American bravery instead.

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  • Jeff Steinbeck September 18, 2016, 2:30 pm

    Obama has brought a darkness, a shadowy pall and misery to America, for the sake of temporary material gain (flooding the markets with cheap, worthless dollars to inflate the stock market)…

  • Jeff Steinbeck September 18, 2016, 2:29 pm

    Mr. Keyes brought up the point of “voting with your conscience”…well, when you think of the major urban centers of Illinois (and the rest of America), do you think they’re voting with a conscience when you vote for a liar like Obama? Hardly…The Conscience of America…where is it? Fading…it’s there, but it’s not the bright light it used to be.

  • Jeff Steinbeck September 18, 2016, 2:28 pm

    Numbers mean nothing…Alan Keyes got 30% of the vote in the Senatorial election, anyone else would have gotten much less…but that’s not the point. Mr. Keyes brilliantly debated Obama on many key issues, abortion, gay marriage (which of course Obama waffled on, in order to get elected)

  • Jeff Steinbeck September 18, 2016, 2:26 pm

    Mr. “evil”Grinn…I’ve seen videos of those debates several times, and what I saw in Obama, was a man who spoke a “good game” in order to be elected. He could care less about the rights of gays, as recently seen with the murder of 50 homosexuals in Florida by Islamic terrorists, but cares more about the power he has wielded over America, by flooding our shores with illegals from China (communist nation), Central America (Socialist countries), and of course Syrian refugees (from TERRORIST NATIONS)…

  • Jeff Steinbeck September 18, 2016, 2:22 pm

    How can you argue with a flawless premise? You can’t. When Ted Cruz had the opportunity to bring impeachment orders based on Obama’s trampling of the Constitution, he didn’t do it. Paul Ryan, the invisible man, said little and did nothing. How can they be “Our Elected Leaders”? They’re nothing more than inconsequential office workers, who wait till 4 or 5pm, punch the clock and then grab a beer. They really don’t care, that’s what it amounts to. But that’s the exact reason, they need to be gotten rid of, because they are so ineffectual.

  • AZ BOB December 3, 2014, 10:00 pm

    All good points as a discussion

  • Pat Eckelkamp December 3, 2014, 6:27 pm


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