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Whose to Blame for America’s ongoing demise?

Part I- Refusing to accuse Obama, GOP leaders position GOP candidates for blame

According to Saturday’s headline at Newsmax.com, the House GOP is patting itself on the back: “House GOP Lauds Passage of ‘Responsible’ Border Bill”.  The story by Todd Beamon, trumpets what is undoubtedly the take on events GOP members of the House will be emphasizing in their districts during its six-week summer recess.  Half-an hour or so before this breathless GOP press release account, Newsmax carried an account from Reuters with a headline that simply reported “House Passes $694 SmallLogoLTLMillion Border Security Bill.”  Though it struck a more “matter-of-fact” pose, like most stories from so-called “mainstream” news outlets, the Reuters account read like a press release from that grey eminence, the twin-party elitist faction Politburo that presently choreographs the leadership in both Houses of Congress.

The GOP press release version of events emphasized the provisions of the House bill GOP conservatives will use to baffle the increasingly boisterous anger with which the Party’s conservative base responded to the bill Speak John Boehner proposed earlier in the week.  That anger (channeled by Senator Ted Cruz) focused on Boehner’s refusal to “add to the ‘emergency border funding bill’ a provision to explicitly prohibit Obama from using administrative edicts to further expand the ‘deferred action’ program.”

Conservatives reject such edicts as an unconstitutional usurpation of the legislative power the U.S. Constitution vests in the Congress. They characterize the edicts as dictatorial actions, contrary to the Supreme Law of the Land (i.e., the U.S. Constitution and law made pursuant thereto), which therefore qualify as “high crimes and misdemeanors”.  The edicts effectively discard the U.S. Constitution in order to establish an executive tyranny, like the one the American Revolutionaries undertook to remove from power over the people of the United States in 1776.

Despite the plaudits House GOP members are awarding themselves, the fact is that the bill passed by the GOP majority in the U.S. House does not include the prohibition mentioned above.  So, though the bill purports to take steps to deal with the “crisis” on America’s southern border, it does nothing to secure the American people from Obama’s assault on the U.S. Constitution, which the so-called “crisis” is being orchestrated to advance.

To be sure, to cover themselves politically, in a separate bill the GOP majority adopted the language prohibiting Obama’s dictatorial efforts to expand the “deferred action” program. But as former Congressman Tom Tancredo points out, such a stand-alone measure is “a purely symbolic gesture without legal effect…The only effective way to force the Senate to deal with the real issue—the invasion across our southwest border— is to include it in the appropriations language of a bill Obama desperately wants.” Though accurate as far as it goes, even Mr. Tancredo’s observation also fails to raise the “the real issue”, which is Obama’s wholesale attack on the authority of the U.S. Constitution, of which the dictatorial border edicts are just one example.

At the moment the people of the United States (and the Constitution, Laws and borders that embody their sovereignty as a free people) are like store owners being attacked and abused by one of the gangs competing for control of the extortion racket in their neighborhood. One of the gangs has orchestrated the assaults, which leave the storekeepers with all manner of injuries, including broken bones and festering wounds all over their bodies.

The other gang has managed to gain control of the local police precinct, as well as the local hospital emergency room.  The first gang offers to continue and expand their assaults if the store owners refuse to submit to their rule.  The second gang offers to treat the store owners’ broken bones and festering wounds so long as they submit to their control of the neighborhood.  But even though the second gang vociferously condemns violence, and promises repeatedly to take action, they adamantly refuse to do anything effective against the gang lord whose leadership is the focal point for the clique that sustains and orchestrates it. So the assaults continue and escalate.

Like the Greeks in the ancient story, the storekeepers are caught, as it were, between two whirlpools.  The siren song they hear on both sides urges them to rely on the momentum generated by the whirlpools even though doing so draws them ever more deeply toward the depths of destruction.  Here and there among them, voices ring out, urging them to remember that the ship has an engine, fueled by the energy generated when enough of the crew pulls together at the oars. So the ship can escape destruction if they refuse to rely on the self-centered currents either whirlpool treacherously provides.

Not surprisingly, the leaders in both neighborhood gangs do their best to make sure no one listens to anyone who reminds people of the ship’s equipment.  On one side they distribute drugs and free tricks with the local sex workers to engage and dissolve the will of susceptible idiots.  On the other they promise security and rehabilitation for people wounded in the ongoing attacks.

All this is intended to keep people from focusing on the simple fact that, whichever side they choose, the cycle of destruction will continue.  Whatever the GOP House members pretend when they return to their districts, they did nothing this week that actually thwarts Obama’s dictatorial agenda, or even threatens it in any meaningful way.  The whole legislative charade took place in the context of John Boehner’s adamant reiteration that no effort will be made to use the equipment the Constitution provides (the U.S. House’s power of impeachment) systematically to inform people of Obama’s high criminal assault on their self-government; or to rally them to cast their votes against Obama’s offensive actions in the upcoming elections. (Come back tomorrow evening for Part II-Is the GOP headed for electoral disaster?)


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