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Why elitists target Christine O’Donnell

Judging by the treatment of U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell in Delaware the elite hacks of the sham two-party system are determined that the outcome of the 2010 election should send a clear message to grassroots Americans reacting against the elite betrayal of their nation and its principles: when it comes to running for office people who believe as they do, and have troubles as they do, need not apply.  They especially want to make it clear that anyone who has had money problems must consider themselves unqualified to run for public office.  Considering the difficulties that many Americans are facing on account of the current economic situation this should assure that only protected members of the wannabe “ruling class”will have any shot at public office in the future.

Over the weekend Meghan McCain scoffed at O’Donnell because “she has no real history, no real success in any kind of business.”  She reportedly went on to say that this sets a bad example for her generation since it implies that “one day you can just wake and run for Senate, no matter how [much of] a lack of experience you have.  And it scares me for a lot of reasons….  I just know, in my group of friends, it turns people off because she’s seen as a nut job”.

Of course the truth is that Christine O’Donnell is a pretty well known figure, with a career as an advocate for moral conservative causes that has over the years carried her into positions in several different advocacy organizations, and appearances on a number of well-known media outlets.  The notion that she has no qualifications for public office is actually a sly statement of contempt for the conservative views she has consistently advocated over the years.  Ironically, it also casts doubt on the judgment of such diverse figures as Haley Barbour, Buzz Aldrin, and David Horowitz, all of whom endorsed her candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2008 when she ran against then Sen. Joseph Biden.

But of course today Christine O’Donnell is prominently identified with the grassroots reaction against the elite betrayal of America loosely referred to as the Tea Party movement.  The elitist reaction against her is actually meant to put these uppity elements of “hoi polloi” in their place.  McCain’s derogatory reference to O’Donnell’s alleged image as “a nut job” translates as the snuffling of disdain with which the pampered aristocrat dismisses the silly pretensions of “the great unwashed”, haughtily sighing that “such people must be crazy to think that they can ever rise to our level.”  It is telling that in an era when the elites pretend to react with horror to the supposed racism and bigotry of those who “cling to their guns or religion”, such deeply un-American class bigotry escapes notice from the censors of inequality.

This bigotry is allowed precisely because it’s un-American.  Those who seek to overthrow the sovereignty of the people naturally seek to suppress the stubborn sense of worth that supports everyman’s ability to look power in the eye without timidity and reflexively bend the knee before no one but God.  In place of a God-fearing sense of worth they mean to put the self worshiping vanity of materialistic success.  Then as the gatekeepers of access to the fame and fortune that make it possible, they can manipulate the shallow moods of self-esteem that toss the mind between hope and despair.  In this way they will reforge the shackles of the mind that through most  of human history gave the ruthless few the power to lord it over many.

It is of course by way of re-instituting this psychology of oppression that the treacherous elite seeks to banish the acknowledgment of God’s authority as the source and basis for the claim to human equality.  Where equality is known to be God’s gift to all it cannot so easily be used by some to manipulate and shame all the rest.  Where worth is to be judged by standards that place it within the reach of every decent heart and conscience, no gatekeepers to the “Forbidden City” of elite success can claim to be the arbiters of human worth, without whose sanction no commoners should dare aspire to lift their head above the main.

All this makes clear the fundamental political importance of the great controversy that has all these years raged about the issue of respect for the life of our posterity in the womb.  Respect for that purely vulnerable life is the delicate fruit of the acknowledgment that human worth is made by the standards of God’s will, not the self-serving fancies of some ambitious ruling class.  Where that acknowledgment is part of everyone’s conscience and consciousness, the  psychological oppression that facilitates elite control cannot be sustained on a large scale.

Christine O’Donnell is probably best known for her work in the movement that seeks to restore respect for God’s authority in the laws and public policy of the United States.  I am morally certain that this is what the virulent elites really consider to be the fatal flaw in her background.  After all they are almost all of them complicit in the conspiracy of silence that allows Obama to claim the highest political office while adamantly preventing scrutiny of the key details of his background and biography.  What Meghan McCain knows of the background of Christine O’Donnell should not frighten her nearly so much as what she, and all the rest of us, do not know about the background of the man now privy to all the commands and secrets on which the very survival of the nation depends.

But the treacherous elite now seeking to restore the old regime of elite domination probably take a different view of Obama’s thus far successful tenure in office despite his questionable background.  It probably produces satisfaction rather than fear.  Why?  Because his elevation dramatically illustrates the power of the elite to fabricate and thereby control the perceived worth of any individual.  It sends the message that America’s public and political life is now a “virtual reality”, programmed by the power of an elite class beyond the authority of any law or Constitution.  They can lift a shadowy puppet from the obscurity of his extremist radical self-obsessions, and morph him into the White House as an eloquent “moderate” who stands for reasonable hope and change.

And they can take an advocate of America’s truly moderate principles of decent justice and morph her into obscurity, all despite her valiant and sacrificial efforts to champion the cause of God determined worth and dignity that gives the right of self-government to the very people whose manipulated fear and indifference to truth will allow her candidacy to be destroyed.  Such must also be the fate of liberty in a world where the mantra that “perception is reality” allows deception to control the paths to power.

Of course there is an antidote to this manipulation.  It is the trust in God and in the moral common sense with which he has endowed every human heart.  For all the dross of our self imposed delusions, that sense of right still quietly gives ears and eyes to conscience.  These are the eyes that see past the inevitable missteps that evil seeks to magnify into hopeless emblems of incompetence or madness.  These are the ears that hear a voice raised, in all purity of heart, to speak for all the voiceless ones that on His breath God calls into existence, but which our vain elite consents to murder with indifference in order to buttress their false claim to be the arbiters of life and death and all.

But what reason have we to heed their taunts rather than this evidence of conscience?  Their self-serving “competence” has brought the nation to the brink of ruin.  Their supposed “sanity” has led us to a bankrupt frenzy that now threatens to dissipate the wealth, good faith, and credit built up by generations of struggling Americans no more perfect, and no less worthy than Christine O’Donnell.  Those struggling Americans built up the treasury of faithfulness and decency and courage that was the wealth deposited on the battlefields that ended slavery in the 19th century, defeated tyrants and dictators in the 20th century, and carved into the record of human history proof that a people, governed in the end by their respect for God, could produce results from their self-government worthy enough to inspire the self-respect of all humanity.

Such were the flawed, imperfect people that still thought themselves worthy to occupy the highest office in American political life, that of the sovereign people of the United States.  Christine O’Donnell is like them.  Is she good enough to be a U.S. Senator?

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